Basic Services All in One

Domain Name Registration(Five-Star Domain Name Registrar)

Domain Name Registration Information Protection

Information leakage prevention, analysis of tamper resistance, anti-theft transfer, triple protection,Safe and secure

Domain Name Registration

Users who purchase domain names and websites from CE Grow Force can contact our customer service or housekeepers,to assist in completing the filing process.

Website Storage Space

Class G bandwidth, over 200 CDN nodes, six major nodes in the world,and over 3000 cloud server clusters, thereby accelerating global access, and rapidly covering every corner of the world

Corporate Email

Corporate Email
300G/Large-capacity accounts
2G/Large account attachments
1G/Online account storage
RMB 1100/5

Comprehensive Protection

Global distribution | Full network load |
Active anti-spam |Real-time double
backup | High-performance anti-virus

Collaborative Office

Project team | Decentralized sharing |
View attachment online Large online
storage capacity and 2GB of attachments
| Group supervision

Suitable for Multiple Ends

PC and mobile phone | Web/App
| Android and Apple Real-time syn-
chronization, and thus no emails will
be lost

SSL Certificate

Google has announced that starting July 2018, the Google Chrome web browser will mark all websites without SSL certificates as unsafe websites, and gives priority to websites with SSL certificates for ranking. Baidu directly accepts websites with SSL certificates, and give priority to such websites for ranking.

Green Secure Label on Google Chrome

With green secure lock, say goodbye to unsafe tips and enhance brand image. Removing Chrome's "blocking order" is a must-have for foreign trade

Boost Search Ranking

Effectively improve Google and Baidu ranking

Earn Visitors' Trust

Help customers identify official websites, which is reliable and trustworthy

Data Transmission Encryption

Encrypt and protect information and data, including visitor registration and login, as well as online transactions, with a guarantee limit of up to US$100,000

After-Sale Services

7x24 after-sale service

100 times payout for fault time

N-to-one housekeeping service