Statement on Counterfeit CE Grow Force Websites

Recently, a number of organizations and individuals have been found using the name of our company, or platforms similar to the interface of our company’s website to counterfeit information released by our company, thereby seriously infringing upon the rights and interests of our customers and damaging our company’s reputation. Therefore, we solemnly declare the following:

1.CE Grow Force Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on September 16, 1999. We are a leading enterprise e-commerce service operator in China, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sino-I Technology Ltd. under Nan Hai Corporation Ltd. The official website of CE Grow Force Technology Co., Ltd. is //, and our nation-wide service number is 400-660-5555.andare the registered trademarks of our company.

2.To all users of the CE Grow Force Technology brand, please take note of the following. Carefully verify the company name before entering into a collaboration. If you discover a company which claims to be “CE Grow Force Technology Co., Ltd.”, but its company name, office address and company website are inconsistent with the information provided on the website of the genuine CE Grow Force, please call the phone number of our local branch which is provided on our official website or verify such information by calling our nation-wide service number or call the police directly.

3.We reserve the right to take legal action against any unit or individual which carries out business activities in the name of “CE Grow Force Technology Co., Ltd.”!


CE Grow Force Technology Co., Ltd.

October 15, 2015