Privacy Protection
CE Grow Force ( promises to respect and protect your privacy, and regards this as the foundation of the business activities and the social responsibility and obligation of CE Grow Force. Therefore, when you visit the website of CE Grow Force, CE Grow Force will try our best to help you maintain control of your personal data on the Internet.

Collection of Your Information

In order to provide you with better services, we will ask you to provide your name (or title), address, and contact information in case of product trial application, purchase, pre-sale consultation, etc., so that we can provide you with fast, accurate and high-quality services.

Use of Your Information

The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. CE Grow Force only uses your information to better understand your needs, and to provide you wither better services. In some instances, we may also use your information and contact you for market survey or provide you with market information that we think may be of interest to you.

Control of Your Information

When you provide us with your information through registration or other methods, CE Grow Force will not sell or lease your information to others. Your permission is always guaranteed first. We will not disclose your information to any third party who does not represent CE Grow Force. Unless otherwise permitted by the law, regulations or regulatory authorities, we will not use or share the information you provide to us using any method related to the content above without your prior knowledge or permission. We may compile or combine the information collected from you with data from third parties, and use such information to promote products and/or services to your website.

Entry or Modification of Your Information

To protect your privacy and safety, CE Grow Force will take reasonable measures to verify your identity before you can enter or modify your information. We strive to keep your information accurate, and provide you with the ability to access your information and register data online, so that you can update or modify your information.

Please note that links from the website of CE Grow Force to third party websites are only provided for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave the website of CE Grow Force, and third party websites may collect your personal identity information. Therefore, the website of CE Grow Force neither endorse nor make representations or warranties regarding third party websites and any information, software or other products, materials or any results that be may be obtained by using them.

Security of Your Information

CE Grow Force will carefully protect your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or leakage, tampering or destruction. Your data will be stored on a password-controlled server, so any access to your data will be restricted and strictly protected.

Disclosure of Your Information

When the regulatory authorities require CE Grow Force to disclose your information in accordance with legal procedures, will provide them according to the request of the regulatory authorities or for public safety. Under such circumstance, CE Grow Force shall be exempt from such liability, and you may not take any action against CE Grow Force at the same time.

Special Instructions for Minor Users

CE Grow Force will pay utmost attention to the safety of users under 16 years old. Personal information regarding users under 16 years old must be provided with the consent of your guardian. When you register your name, email address, telephone number or other information, you must ensure that your guardian is also in front of the computer with you.

Use of Cookies

With the application of new technologies on the Internet, CE Grow Force has brought a completely personalized experience to visitors. CE Grow Force will use cookies to analyze the use of web pages. Cookie is a piece of text that requires permission to be placed on your computer’s hard drive. The use of this technology does not mean that we are notified of any information about you. CE Grow Force can determine the type of computer you use, but the main purpose of using cookies is to provide you with a better experience when you visit the website of CE Grow Force.

At the same time, you also have full autonomy as you can set up a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explore or Netscape Navigator) to notify you of placing cookies, or reject cookies altogether. You may delete files containing cookies as these files are saved as part of an Internet browser.

Changes to this Statement

The right to the interpretation of this statement is attributed to CE Grow Force. CE Grow Force reserves the right to update, modify, change or revise this policy protection statement. If there are major updates, modifications, changes or revisions to this statement, CE Grow Force will place notices in a prominent location on the website to inform users.

Disputes arising from this statement or the use of the website of CE Grow Force shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.